• career counseling for students

    Career Counseling

    We advice you with the best suited options and the best suited institution, also seeing you get your degree at the best price AND WE ARE DOING IT SINCE 27 YEARS.

  • Country and Institution Selection

    Country and Institution Selection

    We simply don’t send you anywhere in the world, rather we go through the procedure and help you choose the best fit country for your studies at the best institution.

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation Meet & Greet Services

    We make sure you get the best accommodation to live in and help you to get familiar with senior students at the institute. Our job simply don’t get over with your admission, rather the journey starts from there.

  • Travel and Post Landing Support

    Travel & Post Landing Support

    Simply if we want to express, we arrange you to reach to the destination, take you to the institute and make you feel homely so that you don’t feel home sick.

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With more than 15 years of experience in placing thousands of students in various institutions overseas, we understand the challenges faced by those aspiring to study overseas. Keeping in mind the needs of such students, we have designed our processes in a manner that every single task starting from admission to visa to making travel arrangements is smooth and hassle free.

Our dedicated team is there to help you with every stage of the process.
Career counseling for students

Career Counseling and Course Selection

We help you decide the destination, course and university as a career counselor that match your personal requirements. E.g. academic, employment and financial background. While helping to settle students on these decisions we will likewise think seriously about career counseling for students as well as your objectives. For example, your future placement, relevant needs, criterion needs. We assist our students with each & every details and satisfactory results from our students after counseling makes us the best study abroad consultants.

Country and Institution Selection

Country and Institution Selection

Excelishan is fantastically detailed for the students who have the potential & capacity to get select into the best institution for their advanced education which matches well with their expected course of study, course tenure, academic achievements, their financial strength in terms of budget, and their future career prospects after completion of the course. We advices students to pick right Country, right University and right Course that clearly fits the Career or Personal Goals inside the financial aid and which best suits your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters. Exelishan is here to make sure that your every penny spent on your education brings the best to you.

Application Process

Application Process

After meeting with the counseling of students for the right Course & University, the very next step to be followed would be applying for taking admission in the Universities.

Exploring the admission procedure of your selected education institution can often be a process full of complexity. At Excelishan we reached out to make things simpler. We furthermore coordinate with the relevant institution’s admission office on your behalf to guarantee the process advances as effectively as it could be.

Presentation & Documentation of your error-free application generally decides whether you get the Offer Letter or not. Thus, Excelishan proves out to be as a co-coordinator among various institutions and you, while offering help in the following aspects:-

    • Providing you the Application Form.
    • Guidelines to fill up the application.
    • Details of documents to be sent alongside application.
        • Preparation of documents like:
        • SOP (Statement of Purpose),
        • RECO (Recommendation Letter)
        • Resumes-
        • By providing you a specimen format of the above documents.
        • Guidelines on points to be included in these documents, and
        • Carrying out remedies in above documents.
        • Making all the fixed & appropriately addressed Envelope packets.
        • Online or postal sending of your application.
        • Tracking delivery of your application to University/college.

In Universities and college spoke to by us, we send our suggestions highlighting your qualities furthermore clarifying reasons why you ought to be allowed admission, which are considered by University Admission Officers' while taking a decision.

ISA study Abroad

Visa Processing

We provide complete support with student visa processing. This includes providing advice on the documentation or applications needed for the student visa processing, lodging the student visa application and facilitating the same for your benefit with the concerned visa office.

Travel Arrangements

Travel Arrangements

Through our partnerships with leading service providers, we can deal with taking fully care of your travel needs including air ticketing, foreign exchange and airplane terminal pickup.

Post Landing Support

Post Landing Support

Excelishan Company dedicated its team work closely with you to assist you at each point, through the relocation process to guarantee a consistent move and settlement to new country. Our core objective is to give quality service to our students.

Settling into a new country can be a real challenge, particularly when you don't have any links there. Our post landing service includes Immigration clearance, Airport pickup, Food, settlement in respect of accommodation, taking you to your destination using open or public transport and some other services you would require when settling into a new country.

Accommodation Meet and Greet Services

Accommodation Meet and Greet Services

Excel ISHAN makes sure that the international students are guaranteed accommodation. We advice on the types of accommodation available at the College / University to the students to suit ones needs and budget. The next part of Excel ISHAN is once you reach to your hostel, you are comfortable, and we take you to meet other students from your country. We work in a direction to make you feel home.