• career counseling for students

    Career Counseling

    We advice you with the best suited options and the best suited institution, also seeing you get your degree at the best price AND WE ARE DOING IT SINCE 27 YEARS.

  • Country and Institution Selection

    Country and Institution Selection

    We simply don’t send you anywhere in the world, rather we go through the procedure and help you choose the best fit country for your studies at the best institution.

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation Meet & Greet Services

    We make sure you get the best accommodation to live in and help you to get familiar with senior students at the institute. Our job simply don’t get over with your admission, rather the journey starts from there.

  • Travel and Post Landing Support

    Travel & Post Landing Support

    Simply if we want to express, we arrange you to reach to the destination, take you to the institute and make you feel homely so that you don’t feel home sick.

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Application Process

Application Process

Let's together make your future better

After the counseling process, the next step would be applying for the admission process for the selected university. Filling up the application process could be at tedious and complex task for a student, therefore we reach out to the students to make things simpler.

Excel Ishan helps you in the following process

    • Providing you the Application Form.
    • Guidelines to fill up the application.
    • Details of documents to be sent alongside application.
        • Preparation of documents like:-
        • SOP (Statement of Purpose),
        • RECO (Recommendation Letter)
        • Resumes:-
        • By providing you a specimen format of the above documents.
        • Guidelines on points to be included in these documents, and
        • Carrying out remedies in above documents.
        • Making all the fixed & appropriately addressed Envelope packets.
        • Online or postal sending of your application.
        • Tracking delivery of your application to University/college.