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Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute

Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute

Degree Awarded:
Electron Instrument Engineering
5 years
Language of Instruction:
Semester Start:
Last date to apply:
Study Fee:
3000 $ per year
Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute

The National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTU "KhPI") in the city of Kharkiv, is the largest and oldest technical university in eastern Ukraine. Founded in 1885, it is the second-oldest technical university in the Russian Empire and in the territory of modern Ukraine.

NTU "KhPI" has been accredited as a university of the highest (IV) level.

Now NTU "KhPI" continues to consolidate and expand its contacts with 108 foreign partners with 33 countries of the world (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Vietnam, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, India, Spain, Italy, China, Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, the USA, Hungary, France, Sweden, Vietnam, Georgia, Tajikistan and other countries).

Staff, Faculty and Candidates:

It trains full-time students in 91 fields and offers 69 fields for instruction by correspondence. It has the greatest number of matriculated students in eastern and southern Ukraine (4,377 places for full-time students and over 4,000 places for correspondence students). The university has 21 full-time departments, departments for correspondence and new full-time students, a center for foreign students, an inter-branch institute for advanced studies and three research and design institutes.


High Tech Evolution: On the 17th of May an exhibition called "Hi Tech Evolution" took place at the Computer and Technology College of Kharkiv. It was a part of the worldwide action "Museums Night". More than 3000 visitors had an opportunity to see how the technical culture of the city comes out of laboratories and workshops and its creative developments become visible with an unaided eye.

Microsoft representatives visited the NTU "KhPI": They discussed the main areas of cooperation and usage of information technologies in the educational process. The university is open to innovations due to its comprehensive and systematic approach to the education process", - says the head of the Microsoft Ukraine Department for the Educational Establishments Olga Svyrydenko.

Our Support to Students:

At present the number of students at the KPI more than 36,000. Approximately 400 of them are international students. In these way students, especially those who live in a hostel, have a social life with their foreign fellow students and a chance to learn more about other cultures, people and ideas. Over 4,500 students graduate from the KPI every year. The diploma is accepted by the European Union. The KPI has a preparatory department for foreigners. There is a possibility to study English and at the same time learn Russian.

Full-time students attend the school for 5 years and 6 months; part-time - 5 years and 10 months.

The school offers 68 majors and 70 minors at its 3 branches. There are 16 departments and a college, including the following:

  • Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering that offer courses on Electron Instrument Engineering, Cybernetics, and Control engineering and Computer engineering, among others.
  • Electric Power Engineering Automation dept that offers courses Electrical Networks and Electric Systems, Central Power Plants, High Voltage Technique, and Cybernetics of Electrical Systems.
  • Electro-Acoustic Faculty offering courses in Hydro acoustics Sound Recording, Measuring Techniques, and Microprocessors.
  • Faculty of Radio engineering
  • Physical engineering Department offering courses on Metallurgy, Metals and Alloys, Powder Metallurgy, and others.


The National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTU "KhPI") started the English medium tuition and said it will offer the chance for many students especially from Abroad to further their education in Ukraine.

This university plans to increase the number seats in the university to accommodate many foreign students since the number of applicants is increasing each year. It further started that students who graduate and post graduate from this university are able to work in the US, UK, Germany and other developed countries as a result of the quality of tuition provided.

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